Friday, March 28, 2008

C u t e n e s s OVERLOAD!

Oh my word...I found these little pretties today on Etsy. I am in love.....I want one of each!

This one has to be my favorite. I'm sure we all know why!
This one comes in close second!
And this one with the itty bitty chick!!!
Am I kidding myself? How can one pick a favorite when they are all so darn cute????
Go check out lollipop workshop!


JammerSage said...

Oh. My. Cutest. Things. EVER!

Thank you for sharing a GREAT find! Love, love them all. Your blog is so cute!

decadentdiamond said...

jammersage said it, cutest things ever!

This is a big reason why I love blogs, I come across the loveliest shops!

picciolo said...

they are so cute!
thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog, I've just been reading yours and love your new gadget cases, the colours are great.
: )

Anonymous said...
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emily said...

okay, i just checked out your etsy shop, and you seriously have the cutest little felt stuff, i've ever seen...
i've got a couple people in my life having birthdays soon, and i'm going to be spending some time looking through your shop!
soooooo cute!