Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Cupcake Love

Got a craving for cupcakes?? Maybe these will satisfy you until you can get some of your own! I'm thinking I am going to whip up a batch soon! YuUuUMmMmMmMYyyy.......

Super cute cupcake card set by the cute institute.

Sweet ring by Always Amy

This little cupcake and tin necklace by Robin's Jewelry Box is just too sweet!

I am DYING to try some of Fat Daddy's cupcakes!!

The girls of inediblejewelry are SO talented! I actually have this charm. Love it!

Cute notecards by Creative Apples

Cupcake Mirror found at HeyPrettyCupcake

And of course, from my shop


tootsiegrace said...

Oh yum. What a great selection of cupcakes! Now I have a craving!!

Christine said...

I love the cupcake and tin necklace! How creative!

Julia said...

This is such a cute entry! And cute blog! I love all the pink :)

tricia-rennea said...

What a lovely cupcake blog I stumbled upon!