Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's A Charmed Life...

Pretty things make me happy. One day I will live in a cottage covered in vines with a garden full of flowers. I will wear a pretty apron while I cook yummy meals and sweets for my family. I'll have my own craft room where I will stow away and create things for hours and in the evenings sit on the porch with my husband and our sweet dog and talked about the charmed life we live. Until then I will look at pretty things and soak up all the inspiration they bring.

1. Vintage Apron, 2. Vintage Saucers, 3. Candy Buttons, 4. Jenny's" Collage Sneak Peek Number 2, 5. painted clothespins, 6. Blue Eggs, 7. pink poppy pins, 8. roses ~ so pretty!, 9. Pink and Aqua Pillowcase Tote, 10. aqua and pink, 11. Friendly Birds, 12. Aqua & Pink Crinoline Hazel Atlas, 13. posy, 14. The Posie studio, repainted and reorganized at last!, 15. The Posie studio, repainted and reorganized at last!, 16. Guest room, 17. A field of flowers..., 18. cupcake swap: cupcake detail, 19. Cottage, Regneville sur Mer, Normandy, 20. Vintage Apron

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